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Helminths are parasitic organisms residing in the body of the man. In the absence of treatment parasites are able to lead to death. The treatment of helminthiasis, it is necessary to begin as early as the discovery of the first sign of the disease. The elimination of the parasites is carried out through the therapeutic effects – the patient are appointed by the tablets to the ground. In exceptional cases, a necessary surgical intervention.

Than dangerous parasites

intestinal worms in adults

There are a very large number of species of helminths. Each type of parasite has its own characteristics. Some worms live exclusively in gi tract, others are able to migrate through the circulatory system and affect other organs (including the brain and the heart).

Also vary helminths and size. In humans can be detected by the worm of the length up to a few metres, which is proper to the existence for many years.

By developing and multiplying in the human body to:

  • hitting the tissues of the organs;
  • disrupt the functioning of the whole organism;
  • become the cause of the decrease of immunity and development of chronic diseases.

Dangerous, to, and the fact that in the process of life, they secrete toxic substances, pests affecting the organs of the system. The poisoning of the body results in liver dysfunction, the consequences of which may become incurable of the disease (cirrhosis, cancer, and others).

The infection helminth infections occurs most often through the oral cavity. Usually, in the process of contamination does not participate in the adults, but only their eggs or larvae.

When the parasite multiplies in the body of man or animal, its eggs are released into the environment with faeces (feces):

  • on the ground;
  • in the water.

If a person drinks contaminated water, or uses herbal products (dirty), have grown up on this earth, it may fall out of worm in the body is very high. Thus in common the infection is the consumption of meat, fish or eggs (of a hen), and having in its fibers the larvae (eggs) worms. There are other modes of transmission: contact with the sick person (pets), the objects of everyday life and other.

The symptoms

The symptoms of helminthic infestations can vary depending on the type of worm parasite of man. However, there are a number of evidence of their presence. These symptoms occur as a result of the intoxication, deficiency of vitamins and violation of the functionality of certain instances where there are earthworms.

The first phase of development of the helminth infection, the symptoms may be missed entirely, since the health damage, is not so critical. But the greater the pathology progresses, more explicit signs. The greatest danger represent micro-organisms, the "normal" development. These worms can be attributed taenia (pork or beef). It happens that the parasite is found in adults over the age of five, and manifests itself when reaching sizes of more than six metres.

During an infection, most individuals (pinworms, ascaris), symptoms occur by the means of two to three months after infection.

Total symptoms includes:

  • the conservation of a high temperature for several days;
  • pain in the epigastric region;
  • nausea permanent follow-up of vomiting;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • increase of the appetite, and by following his / her absence.
  • an allergic reaction to the cover skin;
  • weakness, weakness in view, the chronic fatigue;
  • depression and insomnia;
  • the sensation of itching in the region of the anus.
the symptoms of worms

These symptoms can affect the patient thought about the problems of health, but the hypothesis of helminth infections rarely occurs.

The most obvious signs of the presence of worms is the detection in kalovyh weights of the larvae of the parasite or of parts of that of an adult. Of the anus can come out and the adult worm (sometimes large). In this case, it is necessary to act immediately. Before you call a specialist, it is recommended to take a cal for the research as well as detected by the larvae, or deliver to the hospital seemed to kind of worm.

Characteristics of treatment

The treatment of helminthiasis in the adult and the child do not differ. Way to get rid of worms depends on the extent of the injury and what type of worm is present. The decision must be taken by a physician. The self-medication, especially in children, it is not recommended, because the medicines against intestinal worms have toxic effects and have contra-indications and the traditional methods are not always effective.

The companies producing medicines against intestinal worms, principally focused on the treatment of children, as this category of the population most vulnerable to infection by parasites. The means of the to be the most effective, at the initial stage of the lesion, the more worms in the body, most people get rid of them.

If you cure the disease to only drugs, it is possible to prevent re-infestation or partial purification of the organism. For this reason, the experts spend the therapy in three steps.

  1. Training. The holding of diagnosis to identify the variants of the worm and of the drug, which he resists. Identifies contra-indications.
  2. Therapy. The second stage involves directly the reception of the tool, which helps to eliminate the toxins and parasites. Depending on the diagnosis, it is enough to use the pill, sometimes it is necessary to drink a medicine of three days.
  3. Recovery and prevention. At this point, prescribed medication, restore the DIGESTIVE functions. At the end of two weeks recommend to re-take a drug against intestinal worms.

There are medicines that are close to the direction, that help to get rid of only a certain type of verse, as well as medication of worms broad-spectrum, active against all kinds of pests.

What are the pills best suited in a certain case, decide to doctor, so choose the remedy against intestinal worms in humans, it is necessary to rely upon the advice of a specialist. If you choose a medicine yourself, you can make the situation worse.


Doctors specializing in the treatment of helminthiasis, against the fact that the patients took anti-drug "express" of the action. This is due to the fact that these tools have a powerful toxic effect which affects not only the parasites, but the body of the patient.

The treatment it is recommended to use of drugs that affect a certain type of de-worming. But, to not think, to the way to view the parasites, the best time to take preventive measures.

The prevention of infection by parasites include:

  • daily the compliance with hygiene standards;
  • regular disinfection of the premises;
  • the training of children, hygiene;
  • the consumption of foods appropriate sanitary and epidemiological standards;
  • a regular cleaning of the animals.

When the presence of risk of infection (such as after contact with an infected animal or a person), it is necessary to take pest control tool to prevent infection, or troubleshooting of to on the early stages of development.

the treatment of helminths in adults

On pharmacy shelves, you can find drugs against helminth infection, for adults and for children. But it must not be forgotten that the use of the medication dangerous, so even before the prevention of helminth infection, best to get the advice of an experienced doctor.