Medicines against intestinal worms of man

Worms, or helminths are common parasite in people of any age. The more often the children hit pinworms at fishers observed difillobotrioz, hunter – trichinellosis. Helminthiasis causes of many diseases in the adult, child, domestic animals such as cats.

tools of earthworms

A particular danger earthworms represent due to the fact that they are acting in secret, and the symptoms of the infection by the it is easy to be confused with the diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract and the liver. For the treatment are taking a medication broad-spectrum, one-time pill down to earth for man.

The symptoms of worms in adults

There are signs of infection by worms:

  • long live the weight loss;
  • strong paleness of the face;
  • itching in the anus.

These symptoms are common to all cases of personal injury helminth infections. Other individual symptoms to a person, a type of parasite, its location. Thus, the defeat by the gastrointestinal worms that cause diarrhea, constipation, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, discomfort in the side right, bloating. The symptoms of this set can be combined in different ways according to the characteristics of the organism.

The selection by earthworms, and toxic substances, and hormones leads to the fact that the human body is completely poisoned, which leads to the malfunctioning of the central nervous system. This manifests itself in headaches, dizziness, nausea. These symptoms are often confused with migraine headaches and taking painkillers, which relieves the unpleasant feelings, but does not affect their source.

Another notable is the symptom of infection by worms of the earth – the skin problems, because of the similarity of the reactions of the body to earth worms with the allergen, for example, the wool of cats. The skin is inflamed, itchy, covers the eruption, and may be manifested by a cough or rhinitis. Affect the allocation of de-worming and other skin diseases education: the nails begin to puff, hair whipped and broken, splits the skin on the heels. There is a exacerbation of chronic diseases.

The symptoms of the infection by the worms in children

Helminth infections very dangerous disease in childhood, cause him to suffer all the systems of organs, which can not but affect the development of the organization.

In addition, the symptoms may not occur, due to discover what earthworms can do that in a targeted audit. The signal can also become the detection of helminths in pets, cats or dogs.

The common symptoms of children of helminthiasis that are close to those of adults:

  • increased appetite;
  • enhanced salivation;
  • the weight loss;
  • nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation, abdominal pain and in the region of the liver;
  • allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock;
  • pain in the head;
  • the problem with the skin;
  • the inflammation of the nose, throat, maxillary sinus;
  • the loss of ability to concentration;
  • the delay in the development.

Pinworms, most often affecting children, represent small ascaris, leading to a disease, such as helminth infections. The infection occurs through the clothing, the toys, the fur of cats and all objects that touched the child.

the symptoms of worms

The most viable, pinworms can survive for long periods outside of the support body, to destroy, only boiling water, direct sunlight and chemicals. The eggs of helminths enter the body through the oral route, the larvae emerge in the intestine. This causes itching in the child.

Once the patient is chard, the eggs fall off under the nails, there, on the surrounding objects. Itching causes a restless sleep, the anxiety in the child. There is a net loss of body mass and the wrong whole. You are having psychological problems: fatigue, mood swings, lag, disturbances in memory and attention.

When the worms fall into the urethra can present with bedwetting. The girls are inflamed, external genitalia, fallopian tubes, the area of the uterus. With the breakup of worms in the intestine, you are having GASTRO-intestinal problems, acute appendicitis, the pain in the small intestine.

Drugs against intestinal worms

There are a variety of medicines de-worming. What are the even need to take any pills against intestinal worms of man? The pill from worms to humans act differently on the body and on the different types of worms. Modern, medicines against intestinal worms, mild and effective, but, however, you start with the treatment is not recommended, even if the instruction to the drug carefully you studied.

Only a doctor can determine the exact form of the worms and pick up a maximum of a cure for this disease. Remedies to to earth have a good effect on the worms. Of these vehicles against the parasites sick can give garlic, pumpkin seeds, oil extracts of plants.

The biology is known to nearly 80 species of parasitic organisms that hit the man inside. Children are more exposed to infection by worms of the earth. Designed ten ways of earthworms for the children, they all have a view of tablets. They have some counter-indications: not allowed to take these drugs in pregnancy, lactation, the rules of infection or viruses during an infection.

Each type of worms is its sensitivity to certain drugs, therefore, you can give medicines, just after you have identified, a particular person infected person. All types of worms are divided into three groups:

  • cestodes;
  • nematodes;
  • the trematodes.

In addition to the characteristics of the worm into account the individual characteristics of the organism of the patient: the age, the state. This does not only depend on the type of medication, but its dosage and the admission procedure. All that is needed to perform the most complete treatment and the quickest way to get rid of pests. Of course, you can give broad-spectrum drugs against parasites, but in this case, the result will not be as fast.

The medication against hookworms and roundworms

This group of creatures are roundworm, whipworm and some other species that live in the intestines of children, the less adults. For roundworms apply the suspension, chewable tools of earthworms for children. Instructions of use varies from medication anti-intestinal and other parasites.

Pills of the flat worms

This type of parasites are liver and lung gills, the chinese flukes, flukes in cats. These creatures are also called trematodes.

The rules of taking tablets

It is important to note that all medicines, de-worming have an effect only on adults, and to provide havoc on the eggs and larvae of parasites quite powerful tool is not invented yet. If the child has been infected with worms or other round worms, the injury may occur again. To do this, after the treatment, you must take the course again in a few weeks. For the removal of earthworms has been a success, after taking the tablets a child is in need of give laxative and enema.

the treatment of helminths

Remember that all tablets of earthworms for the children, you can drink just after recommendation from your doctor, as they have a toxic effect, it is necessary to observe the dosage and, perhaps, to go to the hospital for a check of the condition of the patient. The instruction to the drug to help you determine the proper number of channels for reception is generally one pill of earthworms per person and per day. Remedies for worms that you can give yourself at all doses.

Medicines for the prevention of helminthiasis

If one of the members of the family and a domestic cat, have been discovered towards earth, absolutely everyone needs to take a prophylactic treatment with certain drugs. Often, the scrapings on the helminth infections, do not give a positive result, even on explicit request of the infection, but the infection quickly occurs. It is important to know what are the routes of infection by worms of the earth. Zero the patient passes the eggs of helminths through objects of daily life, the door handles, the wool of cats, bedding, and clothing. As prevention is also possible to provide in good health until the members of the family of broad-spectrum drugs.

Not all doctors recommend taking the tablets for prevention, as well as the use of drugs wasted – it is a burden on the body. It is best just to monitor the respect of hygiene rules, including intimate wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet and before eating. Not necessarily need all day to change the sheets every morning. You should monitor the health of dogs and cats.

Medication to take steps with care, as any tablet of earthworms for a person toxic. In particular, it is necessary to be careful when taking medication worms to the children, as well as on the body of the child with the means to act even more active and influential of the more serious, the statement the medication must be carefully studied. You can eat very useful in helminthiasis products: garlic and pumpkin seeds.

Up to the seventh year of life, children are not too watch over his personal hygiene, it is therefore possible to infection. If the child can produce nausea, abdominal pain, a tooth in the region of the anus, an urgent need to ask the pediatrician, and three times to go from scraping on helminth parasites. Some doctors recommend giving children of preschool age tool, every six months for the prevention of infection of the helminths.

The indications of the receipt of the funds against worms of the earth, for the prevention:

  • the availability of the house animals, especially cats and dogs;
  • frequent contact with the earth;
  • permanent residence of a child in a closed room the collective, for example, the nursery school;
  • regular visits to overseas stations;
  • the presence of these hobbies, like sports, beach, hunting, fishing.

Worms can be contracted at any time, including during pregnancy. The statement to any tool said that giving a patient a drug, in this case, is strictly forbidden due to their toxicity and the teratogenicity of the action, which can harm the fetus more than parasites. Since the second quarter of the pregnancy, you can gently start to give the safer medication, but only after consulting your doctor. Not worth worrying for pinworms and other ascaris, they remain in the body is not more than two weeks.

medicines for children

With the exception of the period of gestation of the child, with extreme caution it is necessary to take de-worming tablets to babies, breastfeeding, and for a variety of diseases: agranulocytosis, leukemia, disorders of the liver, kidneys and red bone marrow. Very sensitive to the toxic drug the children up to a year, you should carefully monitor their response to treatment. If allergy occurs, you must immediately consult a doctor and change the pills to others. It is advisable not to keep away from cats to babies, as the animals destroy the eggs of helminths.