Effective advice, how to get rid of the house of earthworms

How to get rid of around 1 day in children and adults? At what stage of the infection is possible to do? These issues that defines each person, confronted to in your own body or her child. Living with parasites inside scary, dangerous, and nasty. We want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. In the pharmacies offer a number of antihelminthic drugs, and the traditional recipes are impressive and varied. What to choose?

how to get rid of worms in the house

With that do

In the body of the man can infest approximately 250 species of earthworms. They are equipped with suckers and hooks, the tips of the spines. With their help, the parasites attach to the walls of the internal organs. And only certain types of free verse crawl onto the intestine. For the reproduction of earth worms, which attach securely to the walls of the internal organs, it will take more effort. In addition, it is very important to know which must do the trick. In fact, the signs of helminthiasis is virtually the same in the case of contamination from different worms, and the place of localization may vary. For example, the enema to cleanse the colon of parasites, which are concentrated in the liver, the lungs, the heart, the brain, will be of no use.

To defeat the enemy, it is necessary to obtain as much information as possible. In most cases, the development in the body of the man to pass the following scenario.

  • The eggs fall into the intestine via dirty hands, unwashed vegetables, green vegetables, fruits, meat, undercooked animal, fish, in case of contact with the animals. Being in the gut of the larvae quickly leave the shell of the eggs, penetrate the blood vessels.
  • In collaboration with the blood resonates throughout the body. The ultimate goal – the lungs. Prior to this, the verse can be found in the heart, the liver, the gall-bladder, and the genitals.
  • In the lungs, the larva continues to grow rapidly. Of his life to damage the wall of an internal organ, leaves scars, scarring, cyst formation. In humans the onset of symptoms similar to the state of the influenza, pneumonia.
  • With a lot of phlegm the larvae emerge in the lungs. If a person is at the bottom it spits out to the ground, the mouth rinse of the acid with a solution of water with lemon juice on the disease helminthiasis ends. When ingested sputum, the larva re is found in the intestine, there, and continues its development to a Mature individual.
  • However, sometimes the situation, when the worm begins to migrate, remaining in a other inside of the body.
  • The female lays larvae that penetrate into the masses, go outside. To the inside of the body parasite does not develop. Not out beyond the intestine, the eggs die.

The adult specimens fall into the fecal is very rare. In most cases, only when they die. The task of the popular recipes, drugs, force the worm to crawl to the outside or from the place of death. The more often you deal with parasites:

  • pinworms;
  • ascaris;
  • : trichinella;
  • whipworm;
  • trematodes;
  • warhead duodenum;
  • tapeworm;
  • tsepen.
how to get rid of into the house

Is it possible to get rid of to home 1 day

To clean the body of parasites, you need to go outside. A quick result is dependent on varieties of worm, which lives in the interior, the number of parasites, as well as the places where a worm is stopped. For example, if in the intestine has lived an adult roundworm, is dead, being alone, or being under the influence of special funds, it will necessarily happen outside. On this helminth infection and its treatment is finished. You can get rid of earthworms in the house 1 day. If worms are settled in the lungs, the liver and other organs a day is not essential. The same thing applies to such, at first sight, without worms, such as pinworms. The small eggs fall on the under-clothing, bedding, towels can be anywhere. Re-infestation happens the day after the expulsion of the previous parasites. Therefore, in this case, you need more time for processing, as a means of population and pharmacy. To summarize, I want to emphasize – get rid of the worms in the house for 1 day, you can under certain conditions:

  • If the worms are in the intestine or early in the blood vessels;
  • The number of parasites is small;
  • At the same time, change the bedding, wash all the things, to the spring cleaning in the house, to be dealt with immediately to all members of the family.

In other cases, the worms in 1 day, you can kill it. But to excrete it still takes some time. If it is these worms, like the tapeworm, taenia, in severe cases, removed surgically.

The inference rules de-worming

Before using the remedies against intestinal worms, medication, the body will be prepared. A few days before the cleaning, you need to follow a diet.

  • Eliminate fried foods, fatty meats, candy, coffee, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, pasta, any flour based products.
  • Eating salads of fresh vegetables, boiled with the addition of vegetable oils.
  • Consume dried fruit, fresh berries.
  • Drink at least 2 litres for adults, 1.5 l child. As beverages use of non-carbonated mineral water, green tea, drink, herbal tea, decoction of medicinal plants.
  • In the diet should include dairy products, apple juice, carrots.

Such a scheme reduce the load on the digestive organs, assist in the removal of fecal mass, reducing the level of toxins, which are formed by reason of the sustenance of parasites. It is necessary to take into account that the dead worms bring even more evil. Decompose inside, they emit a huge amount of toxins with all the negative consequences. Patients perceive such a state, as a side effect of a drug or popular prescription. In fact this is not the case. With the diet must take absorbent, for example, activated carbon. Adult 4 tablets per day, one child – 2. These drugs help to cope with the toxicity.

Pharmacy of the tool for the removal of the de-worming

The drugs in most cases, have a direct effect on the helminthes, cause paralysis, rapid death. The duration of treatment depends on the species of worms, the severity of the disease. But to say that the pharmaceutical preparations for the removal of helminth allow you to do it in 1 day, it is impossible. The conversion in the human body spends in average 10 days. The dead worms come out of the influx gradually. Although the pill is really a time.

Any drugstore medication for the removal of helminth burden the liver, kidneys, causes side effects. Mass mortality of worms in the intestine causes them to become entangled, which causes a bowel obstruction. The dead worms come out gradually, with the remainder to the inner part of the parasites to decay, poisoning the body. In the course of treatment beyond 1 day is recommended for at least a week to take sorbents. And in the future, it will be necessary to resume the normal functioning of internal organs, of the digestive system. In this regard, many have not decided to drink such medicine. The preference of phenol. Among them there are also recipes that help get rid of worms at home 1 day.

Recipes remedies

Get rid of intestinal worms in children and adults, you can use vegetables, fruits, seeds, plants, and their mixtures. Every recipe from the national means is extremely simple, and almost all ingredients are present on the farm.

how to get rid of worms at home recipes


Often exposed to the contamination of children aged 1 to 5 years. Fragile the body, the immunity is low, this is the place most favorable for the activity of parasites. When my mother sees the punishment of the child, and then in the pot pinworms, the desire to wean the child as soon as possible. In the first place, it is necessary to seek the help of the garlic. A folk remedy effectively fights against the parasites on the various stages of their development. Including initial of the immigration, when the larvae are in the blood vessels.

  • In case of suspicion of infection of the helminths are. On the heel of one of her two legs are wrapped in gauze the chopped garlic. Walk with him all day. The active substances penetrate through the skin into the blood, enter in the internal organs. Make the parasites move actively, to detach from the wall of the intestine. In the evening, it is appropriate to give the child a natural laxative. This can be a juice of carrot, apple, yogurt, hot milk.
  • The second recipe a folk remedy is designed for businesses that remove worms from the body. 3 heads of garlic, pour 500 ml of warm milk. Insist half an hour. Do an enema. The procedure of better way to spend the evening. The drug for enema adult, prepare in the same way, only take 5 heads of garlic 800 ml of milk. This washing is the most gentle. To help the gut cope with dysbiosis, toxins.
  • In the morning, he should eat 10 cloves of garlic. After 15 minutes of drinking a glass of warm milk. The cleaning of the intestine begins in about 4 hours.
  • Chop the garlic, pour 500 ml of boiling water. Allow the tool to infuse for 2 hours. In the evening warm up to comfort temperature, do an enema.
  • A few cloves of garlic, pour 200 ml of normal water. Left a night. In the morning, fasting, it should be drunk.
  • The withdrawal of deworming to the aid of the onion and the garlic increases the effectiveness of the half. Thus you can get rid of intestinal worms in children-almost 1 day. Pour the garlic, the onions from the water. Insist several hours. Do an enema.
  • Another recipe effectively helps to get rid of intestinal worms among children, with pumpkin seeds, milk, garlic. Morning on an empty stomach, he must eat a handful of seeds. An hour later, drink a glass of milk with the garlic. In the evening, skip the garlic-onion enema.

Recipes remedies garlic against-indicated in people with gastritis, ulcers of epilepsy. In this case, the use of the onion, removing, de-worming medicine with the help of this tool is not less effective.

The onion

On the basis of the cra to prepare the composition of the washing, the decoction.

  • A mixture of jẳįšwẳl the lugs, of the absinthe. Ingredients take 1 tablespoon. Pour 1 liter of water, let simmer for 20 minutes over low heat. Insist several hours. In the evening, do an enema. For an adult human is enough to 800 ml, for children – 400 ml
  • The excretion of deworming to the aid of the arc is carried out for 3 days. A mixture of jẳįšwẳl husks, wormwood, buckthorn, tansy. Pour 2 liters of water. It insists popular potion 4 hours. Drink 2 cups per day.
  • Each day, you should eat 100 g of onions 1 head of onion.
  • The excretion of deworming using arc, you can move on to the comfortable, especially for those who like the herring. The fish is cut into slices, transfer the onion rings, sprinkle the tops of the vegetable oil, lemon juice. Eating need throughout the day. Liquid drink a lot, but to start 1 hour after a meal.
  • Get rid of worms in the body can be a mixture of honey with onion. Express the juice, add the honey. You need to take 15 minutes before meals, 1 teaspoon throughout the day.

The treatment with remedies recognized effective for centuries. In the case of pinworms, which are often infected children, it is better to take advantage of recipes of remedies. Ascaris also rapidly eliminated when using as the main medicinal ingredient of garlic. In spite of this, before you start the treatment, you should consult your doctor.