The most common types of parasites of the human body

The person is surrounded by the enormous quantity of micro-organisms and parasites. Parasites are creatures that live thanks to his support. For a short period of time, the parasites in the human body may completely destroy all life processes. These micro-organisms can infest the animals and other representatives of the fauna. The fight against the parasites must begin immediately. In the contrary case, the infection can result in fatal consequences. All micro-organisms harmful affect the body. The parasites can destroy the internal organs and prevent their proper functioning. Generally, infectious diseases are accompanied with the expressed symptomatology. However, in some cases, it may be missed. Let us know, what are the parasites in the human body and how to deal with them.

helminth parasites in the body

The parasites and the causes of the infection

Internal parasites – it is the representatives of flora or fauna, whose life takes place in the interior of the support body. They can also live outside. Parazitirujushchy the micro-organism is fed by his master. To fight are different medicines. Sometimes, they are ineffective. Then the course of therapy is repeated a number of times.

The parasites of man include a variety of types. During your stay in the human body, the micro-organisms can't even be evidence for a long period of time. These forms of diseases are the most dangerous. People who are carriers of the infection. This is why it is important to always follow the preventive measures.

Almost all micro-organisms have a long life cycle, so they change several owners.

The experts distinguish two types of parasites according to the place of residence:

  • of the interior – it involves, for example, worms of earth;
  • external, it comes from different insects such as mosquitoes and ticks.

Usually almost all the micro-organisms enter in the body through the oral cavity. This contamination may occur through consumption of dirty and poor quality of products, as well as when taking food with unwashed hands. The infection can also occur through direct contact of healthy person with sick people or animals. The infection is also often the case in the soil. A person is infected during the use of the soil, which has already hit the parasites with electric pumps, the masses of the patient.

Inside the human parasitic micro-organisms move about in the body and choose the most appropriate one for me instead. They can live in the various vital internal organs, destroying their structure. They can hide inside various other infections. Drugs for the treatment of the primary disease in this case, will be ineffective.

The symptoms

Different bacteria and worms can infest the human body. Often an infectious disease passes without any obvious symptoms. The only way to detect them – to pass the feces. Your doctor will tell you which are installed in the body, and will provide a list of medications to get rid of them. Not every medicine will suit a patient.

With the parasites in the human body can exist for a long period of time, we did not know about the presence of the disease. This is due to the complete absence of symptoms in some patients. When the parasites may have the largest variety of signs of infection. Their manifestation is related to individual characteristics.

weight reduction is a symptom of parasites

The following table describes the most common symptoms of parasites. The patient may be present as a sign, and all at once. This is due to security features or to another patient.

Parasite The symptoms
Roundworms • changes in the characteristics of feces (most often loose bowel movements);
• cramps in the region of the intestine;
• the disturbances of the CNS;
• dizziness.
Pinworm • itching sensation in the area of the anal sphincter;
• lack of appetite;
• attacks of aggression.
Lonely • discomfort in the intestine;
• bloating;
• the presence of a parasite in the masses.

Often, parasites, exercising their activity in the body of the man, become the cause of the constant fatigue and significant loss of strength. The patient may complain of insomnia, and headache. Patients can quickly lose weight, there is a rash on the skin reactive. It can be accompanied by itching and being on different parts of the body.

Parasitic micro-organism that lives in the body, greatly reduces the protective functions of the body. In this regard, the patient can be seen frequent colds. Regularly it can be this anger for no reason an increase in the temperature of the body.

It is to be noted that all the methods of pest control may not be suitable for patients. All of the methods are toxic and can cause side effects.


Hookworms and giardia

Hookworms – the micro-organisms. They penetrate into the body of the man in case of contact with infected soil. The penetration occurs through damaged skin. The appearance of Hookworm stands out the following features:

  • desaturated pink color;
  • round shape;
  • the parasitic males are not more than 10 cm in length;
  • the females are larger. Their length can reach up to 15 cm

In the face of the parasite is of special suction with the help of which Ancylostoma attached to the walls of the intestine. The eggs of a microorganism have a large enough size and translucent, the shell. In some cases, the infection ankylostomas can occur in case of contact with the animals. These parasitic organisms can live up to 8 years. Each day, they lay more than 20 thousands of eggs.

The incubation period when hookworm is a few months. After this, the patient produces a pattern of symptoms. In humans may experience:

  • itching;
  • aches;
  • the signs of intoxication of the organism;
  • rflexe;
  • bloating.

Drug the fight against the worms of earth may include a variety of drugs. Their selection depends on the patient's age and the neglect of the disease. The fight against parasites in young children, you can using Pyrantel. One such tool is low-toxic and only an incorrect use may cause side effects.

Drugs that are effective to get rid of hookworms include also Dekaris. The therapy with him, which may both adults and children. Before use, you can mix it with the syrup.

Giardia – endoparasite, which occurs quite often among people. When these parasites micro-organisms, the patient complained:

  • fatigue;
  • decreased appetite;
  • insomnia;
  • flatulence;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • the increase in some internal organs.

Live in the person of giardia may for a long period of time, is not manifesting itself. Secrete many forms of giardiasis. Each of them disrupts the functioning of certain internal organs. These parasites live in the body long enough. During this period the male develops a chronic intoxication of the organism.


Toxocara and broad tapeworm

Toxocara – micro-organism, the primary carrier is the dog. The length of this parasite can vary up to 25 see the Adults multiply actively. Their eggs are passed out with the pumps masses dog. The dogs recommended to walk away from playgrounds and fields landing and picking vegetables. In the contrary case, the parasite can enter the body of the man. In the human body, the micro-organism grows, but it does not release eggs to the outside.

The most dangerous are Toxocara affecting the organs of sight. In this case, the patients often have to remove the eyeballs. A patient present any of the following symptoms:

  • fever;
  • cough;
  • the increase in some internal organs;
  • the eruption, which is accompanied by an itching sensations;
  • the interruption of the functioning of the central nervous system.

Broad tapeworm is quite a large infection. These parasites, living of the man, may reach a length of up to 10 meters. Infection by endoparasite occurs when the consumption of fishery products raw. Patients when the availability of a broad tapeworm complain about:

  • a sharp pain in the abdomen;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • the modification of the characteristics of the stool (loose stools alternating with constipation).

Parasites (large lantecy), living in the body of the man, can not die for more than 20 years. For its long life cycle, are markedly inhibit the health of the patient. The parasites derive all of the components of the body. In the body of a patient can attend the party endoparasite's. It covers a large part of the intestine. As a result, the patient disturb frequent constipation. Low-toxic tools are not suitable for the treatment of this helminth infection. All medicines must be compatible with the specialist.

In the presence of fragments of worm in the stool, you should immediately go to the hospital. Dr. will define the parasites can be found in the body, and to appoint all necessary means.



Such an endoparasite almost always installed in the lungs or the liver. Echinococcus is related to the band to. These human worms (parasites) are small in size. They can reach a length of more than 5 mm, the Key masters are the animals, that is:

  • foxes;
  • dog;
  • wolves and other representatives of the fauna.

The eggs of the parasites mature in the environment. Subsequently, they can penetrate through the oral cavity into the body of the animal or human. Most often the infection occurs when contact with a sick dog. Helminth infections may also enter the human body after the consumption of dirty foods that have been in contact with infected earth.

Echinococcus can affect different internal organs. The place of the location depends on the location of the larvae. Due to the implementation of means of subsistence to a parasite in the body begin to appear tumors. In this period of time occur, and the first signs of helminthiasis. The patient may be noted:

  • the pain in the region of the stomach and the liver;
  • signs of allergy;
  • modify the characteristics of bowel movements;
  • rflexe;
  • discomfort;
  • difficulty when breathing;
  • the pain in the lungs.

Some symptoms may be absent. This is due to the location of the location of the organization.

Sometimes, when the presence of a cyst hydatid drugs may be ineffective. Endoparasites removed surgically. The patient may assign the admission rate of the medication.

Swine tsepen

Swine tsepen one of the most common varieties of de-worming. The worm hits the wall of the small intestine and significantly violates many vital processes.

swine tsepen

Depending on the individual characteristics, symptoms of infection may be more or less pronounced. The patient complains:

  • the lack of appetite;
  • rflexe;
  • dizziness;
  • a high temperature of the body;
  • a reduction of the mass of the body, which does not depend on external factors;
  • drawing pain in the region of the stomach;
  • itching possible in the area of the anal sphincter;
  • unconscious of the state.

The worm can damage the brain. In the absence of rapid and proper treatment of helminth infections can lead to fatal consequences. Swine tsepen can lead to the appearance of hallucinations and unbearable headaches. In addition, the worm can penetrate in the organs of sight and hearing. The patient may complain of a total or partial loss of their integrity.

All parasites dangerous to humans. All parazitirujushchy a micro-organism living in the body, can lead to serious complications. Diagnosis and treatment of parasites, you must begin immediately. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.