The diagnosis of the presence of parasites in the human body

All creatures that enter the human body and live on its resources, are considered to be parasites. Enter the body of the man, they may the different routes of contamination, and the first time not to make himself known, moving in the gastro-intestinal tract. Suspect their presence may be by a set of attributes, and confirm that, after the completion of the studies and the results of analyses.

the methods of diagnosis

The diagnosis includes several methods that are most often carried out in an integrated manner. The survey provides the opportunity to confirm their presence in the body, to identify the type of parasite, more information on the individual characteristics of the problems and to appoint competent treatment to resolve the problem.

Research methods for the detection of parasites

Not so long ago, the identify in the body of the person the man was, taking the stool analysis, and find in him the larvae and eggs of helminths. Then, the experts have concluded on the presence in the body of the "parasites" and staring at the troubleshooting procedures. However, today, the diversity of methods a lot more..

The most significant are:

  • serological surveys;
  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA);
  • bioresonance diagnosis.

Varieties of serologic surveys

This analysis of blood, ULTRASONOGRAPHY, endoscopy of tissues and organs, the search for the parasite detection in the DNA, the analysis of the hepatitis, monitor the reaction of the antibody and the antigen, and others. According to the patient's complaint and symptoms, primary physician prescribed several ways successively, the follow-up of the results of each. Some of them can be used to confirm a medical hypothesis, other exclude co-morbidities.

Haemo intuens year, not only confirms the presence of worms in the body, but also reveals their kind and the type to determine the best method of control. A drawback is the impossibility to know the number of parasites and the extent of their dissemination in the body of the man, it gives an idea about the problem.

1. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

a blood test

The diagnosis using an ELISA test is a provocation to the production of antibodies and antigens in the blood. It allows you to determine the type of micro-organisms and optimal methods to combat them. There is the possibility of knowing the speed of propagation of "noise" in the body, it is done in several steps multiple of the closing of blood for the survey. ELISA-tests are never applied to other methods and analyses, because people are different and the production of antibodies that occurs individually. This method may not give the right answers and results.

2. bioresonance diagnosis.

Demand for computer equipment and a anémié the survey methods is becoming more popular, because it allows you to determine quickly and accurately all the characteristics of the infection. Wavelength of a radiation frequency, the more clearly and efficiently show where is concentrated the problem, the types of parasites live in the body of the man and to better eliminate the harmful microorganisms.

The use of the BRD in the period of treatment and drugs can monitor their effectiveness and adjust the process of problem resolution, if necessary. The indolence and the sensitivity of this method of diagnosis are more and more popular in medicine.

The overall application of the necessary tools for the diagnosis gives a maximum of information on the infection, allows the doctor to see the full image and determine the next steps for the elimination of harmful microorganisms. It is therefore important to identify the signs of a problem and consult a doctor.

Symptoms of the presence of parasites

Often identify the problem, it turns out later, long after his debut, in fact, helminths can live a long time in the body and not be felt. Even if a person experiences certain symptoms, he is to give them other violations or not paying attention.

The signs act in such a deterioration of health:

1. nausea for no apparent reason;

2. the violation of the chair, upset stomach;

3. weakness, loss of strength;

4. drowsiness, depression, mood swings;

types of parasites

5. the headaches and dizziness;

6. allergic reactions to products that have already been insolita;

7. common diseases because of decreased immunity.

The more often the signs are felt alternatively, you can be confused with symptoms of other disorders or diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Having a and listening to the signals of the body, you need to gather all the factors and to suspect the occurrence of pests, which should be an argument for the use of experts and a complete diagnosis of the parasites in the human body.

What to do after the diagnosis?

If the investigation has confirmed the presence of the invasion, and highlighted the characteristics of their activity, the doctor will establish an individualized treatment program to resolve the problem. It is important not only to remove the signs of the disease, but also to work on the root of the cause of poor health, to completely clean the body. The treatment must also be comprehensive, is so competent and effective to kill the worms and restore the immune system.

Among the methods of integrated treatment include:

  • Антипаразитарная therapy includes medication, such as Medamin, associated-albendazole, Levamisole, Tiabendazol. The dosage and duration of treatment determines the physician, based on the individual characteristics of the organism.
  • Taking these medicines help to eliminate allergic reactions and to remove the poisoning.
  • The adherence to a diet that includes the consumption of products that contribute to the elimination of parasites.
  • The enforcement of strict rules of personal hygiene, limit contact with your loved ones in order to avoid infection. Use only articles in daily life.
  • The strengthening of the whole of the organism and strengthen immunity, intake of vitamins.
  • The application of popular methods, for example, the addition to the ration of garlic, pumpkin seeds, and drink of the Monastery of tea.

In any treatment it is important to follow the recommendations of your physician and do not attempt to use other methods to solve the problems.