How to hunt parasites of the body of the man of the folk remedies?

the herb against the parasites

Parasitic worms found in man, have a significant detrimental effect on her health, highlighting the toxins during the process of life.

They run out, depriving them of nutrients. It is therefore necessary to know how to get rid of parasites, home remedies, and does not aggravate his state of health.

Remove parasites in the body of the man of the folk remedies?

To destroy to widely use the medications prepared from natural raw materials by the recipes of the healers. It is effective virtually without causing any side effects of the drug.

Anthelmintics are a therapy should be performed in addition to the personal hygiene, because of the risk of relapse and, accordingly, re-cleaning of the body. When the presence or suspected to alternative medicine recommends a wide range of antiparasitic natural medicine.


They in the composition have a particular substance – hitimana, a destructive force, acting on the pathogens to Prepare them for dyeing.

To do this, grind the raw mushrooms to the number of two large spoons, place it in 150 ml of vodka, put in dark and cool during 14 days. Cleans the stain body of adults and larvae, pinworms, and ascarids.

The onion

The average of the onion finely chopped, soaked in a cup of boiling water and insist for dimidium has die. Consume three consecutive days at 100 ml per day. It is recommended that children in enterobiasis.


Has been used for the destruction of different species of earthworms. It has not lost any of the popularity of our days. Used in the form of decoctions, infusions, fruit juices. Use it in a raw state. Pass klishirovannyh.

Here are some of the most common recipes for combating intestinal worms:

  • The garlic juice. The juice of garlic quickly and effectively, eliminates pinworms, if you take it, do not break the schema:

5 days, drink 10 drops three times per day, 5 days – 20 drops. And as well as increase the dose every 5 days at 10 drops, bringing the number to the soup spoon. The next step – a reduction of the dose in the same manner as the improvement. Drink an infusion of wormwood absinthe. As well as the juice and the broth is not pleasant to the taste, are allowed to occupatis the honey.

With his hand there was a strong likelihood of developing complications

  • The infusion of garlic. Prepared from two crushed vegetable slices macerated in a glass of warm water for 12 hours. Filtered and used for klishirovannyh. After each procedure, pass the toilet of the anus. Treatment 5 procedures organized every day.
  • The garlic juice with milk helps to clean the body, if it is consumed in a period of seven days, three times per day. To do this, take 250 ml of boiled milk, slightly refrigerated, and add twelve drops of garlic juice, freshly prepared.
  • Garlic with the horseradish destroys the worms of the earth without consequences for the human body. In equal proportions, mix the horseradish root, grated and chopped garlic. The composition of the mixture, pour four cups of water. Ten days to survive in the darkness and freshness. Filter through a cheesecloth, and three times per day, use of 20 ml

Cones of pine trees

Of the jam, which is applied to the purification of de-worming. For therapeutic purposes for adults, take one tablespoon in the morning and in the evening the preventative, once per day.

This type of medicine with fun using the kids in the morning before eating a teaspoon. Cook delicious the drug of the recipe:

the bumps

Well washed small bumps pine green locked in a container with water throughout the night. In the morning put on low heat cook for 6 hours. The bumps are removed, the liquid is filtered, pour the sugar in a ratio of 1:1 and hold on a plate to another time. Jam packed by the banks. It must be remembered that it is jam is not a treat, and the medicine and abuse is not recommended.

Cucurbita seeds

The treatment of helminthic infestation of pumpkin seeds was applied in antiquity. And now, they use the cleansed skin in the grated cheese state with the addition of honey with the same objective. The drug eat small doses of the morning for two hours, and then take their food. Later recommend the reception of a laxative, and the staging of an enema.

And again, a decoction of pumpkin seeds in a water bath for a few hours. Drink it takes up to 30 minutes before meals. It paralyses the adult and contributes to the rapid elimination of the body.

Mainly medicines made at home from natural ingredients do not cause side effects. But all the same it is necessary to proceed to the self-treatment after specialist consultation. This applies in particular to persons suffering from various chronic conditions, current and prone to allergic reactions.

Other remedies

Alternative medicine, offers a large selection of recipes that help in the treatment of various diseases. To prevent the appearance of irreversible changes in the body, which develop due to helminth infestation, it is necessary to use natural remedies:

  • The wormwood bitter. Herbaceous plant is used in activities of the destruction and the exile, parasitic worms of the intestine. Often prepared from it of the medicinal compounds in the form of infusions, decoctions, infusions for oral administration. They are well tolerated. Except antiparasitic properties, can affect the immune system.

Adopted the solution wormwood absinthe, half a cup necessarily on an empty stomach in the morning and before dinner, 30 minutes before meals. The healing process is usually calculated over 14 days. Sometimes, the treatment duration can be prolonged up to thirty days.

  • A devastating effect on earthworms have herbs medicinal, with spicy, tangy or bitter taste. They are used alone or in combination with others to strengthen the effectiveness of the impact. Herbs with burning of the property include: red bitter pepper, the ginger, the fruit of clove. The taste to have of the leaves of lemongrass, rhubarb, sorrel. The bad bitter taste was the herb wormwood, aira.
  • Wild blister or tansy. This herb maintains the anthelmintic properties. Especially gives good results in the treatment of nematodes. The use of giardiasis and opistorhoze. The essential oils of tansy block neuro – muscular fibre of parasite and kill it. It is applied in powder form and teas for the purification of toxic substances, waste, worms, and protozoa.
herbal tea

Considered the use of tansy in puluerem a more efficient state, decoctions, and infusions. The fact that the powder is not absorbed in the stomach and enters the intestine. Accumulating on the walls of the intestine, accumulates. Allocates bitter toxic components, including the killing of worms. Take the powder for adults is a teaspoon, the children of the half of the soup in the morning and in the evening before meals with water. You can the drug until the crumb of bread, and hirundo. Duration of 30 days.

  • Stone resin. This tool allows you to view the parasites to the organs of the GASTRO-intestinal and other systems. Deal with tar birch adult and child population of the different methods:

Drip a few drops on the black of the crumb of bread just prior to use and eat. The reception of the tool is repeated several days in a row. Ascaris and pinworms are destroyed if the consumption of teaspoon of honey and a drop of tar.

To clean the body of helminthic infection, it is necessary to a 200 ml glass of milk with a few drops of stone resin. The procedure to proceed to seven days. Then a break of five days and a second cycle of treatment.

  • The clove. Гвоздичные fruits presented in ascariasis, in enterobiasis, mixed helminthiasis. This plant has antiparasitic, disinfectants, immunomodulators and the strengthening of the action on the organs. Prepared medicines medicines at the base of the cloves, contribute to the destruction of mature worms and their larvae. Eliminate the authorities of the toxic products of the parasites. Experts recommend that you take the medication powder in the dose and drinking water.

To remove helminth parasites, it is necessary to respect the following rules:

  • Of the fact of how competent the means popular of the therapy.
  • Good way of life.
  • A good nutrition.
  • The observance of rules of personal hygiene and health requirements.

The more often people are not aware of the presence in the bodies of the attacking creatures. Worms a long time can be found in the man, not of the symptomatology. But cause severe damage to the body. For this reason, it is advisable to clean the intestine to aid the natural gifts of nature. It is first of all extends on the rural population and the people who are often in contact with animals. Timely holding prevention is the guarantor of good health.

What do attention

A feeling of weakness and drowsiness, chills, and tickling in the throat, a general malaise – these symptoms may cause a parasitic micro-organisms living in the thin department of intestines and other organs of man.

Various species of helminths and protozoa stabilendam in man, cause toxicity in the body. Therefore, the person loses the strength and the worsening of the state of health. Face helminthic infestation, you can use the natural treatments.

With the exception of the application of remedies against pests, there are a large number of different ways of healing. A large part of what helps to get rid of adult parasites, their larvae and eggs. In addition, many of the methods which activate the vital processes of the organism and stimulate an immune response to the force.

Before you get rid of pests, you need to make sure of their presence and the form. It is advisable to consult a doctor and pass all the necessary examinations. Only after you have determined the type of worm, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, suitable drugs and medicines for deworming of plant origin.