How to cleanse body of parasites

The human body is home to a variety of microorganisms: what are they coexists without consequences, while others will give it a mortal danger. Most adults are carriers of parasites, sometimes even several species. Maximum known of the science of quantity — 70 species. Often, people are not aware that are the holders, assigning of the warning symptoms of other diseases.

What are the pests and where they live in the body

the purification of the body

Among the dozens of species of parasites dangerous to humans, the most common are:

  • Giardia. Common is a method of contamination — washing hands and food.
  • The pinworms. The most common in children.
  • The round — the most common parasite in the human body. The means of infection — washing hands, dirty water, the soil.
  • The salmonella bacteria.
  • Helminths, known popularly as “worms”.
  • Broad tapeworm.
  • The whipworm.
  • Tsepen (tapeworm).
  • Root-knot nematodes.
  • Strongyloides.

The threat of the presence of parasites in the body

As previously mentioned, the presence of parasites can pass to an asymptomatic individual, but in any case it is a big load on the body and a substantial risk to the life. You are having difficulties with the immune system, tired of fighting with living organisms. Develops immunodeficiency, because of which is already in the process of development of secondary of the disease: the disease of deficiency, hormonal failure, metabolic disorders, problems with blood vessels, increases the risk of cancer.

The symptoms of parasites in the body of the woman

  • digestive problems: constipation changing diarrhea, bloating, pain, nausea and vomiting;
  • nervous system disorders: dizziness and headaches;
  • change in appetite and body weight;
  • the bad smell of the mouth;
  • the change of the pigmentation of the skin, skin rashes, allergies;
  • the problem with the hair and nails;
  • the pain in the joints;
  • cracks in the heels;
  • the reduction of the hemoglobin;
  • the constant tiredness;
  • decreased immunity;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • the irregularity of the menstrual cycle;
  • irritability;
  • insomnia;
  • granulomas;
  • itching in the hole.

The means of the penetration of the parasites in the body

  1. Through the food and water. The bad heat treatment of meat products, dirty water, unwashed fruits and vegetables are an easy way for the eggs of parasites in the human body.
  2. In case of contact with the infected objects. The eggs of the parasites can remain very long on objects, and on the skin. The most dangerous places of seepage — public transport, toilets, beaches, playgrounds, pools open. Often the objects of the infection are the money. Save can only the washing of the hands before the meal.
  3. Through the bites of infected insects. The more often the distributors of infection are fleas, wasps and flies.
  4. Through the respiratory tract with dust.
  5. Of the infected person.
  6. Pets.

Methods of cleansing the body

In the first place, you have to choose between medical treatment and the means of the First — speed, but has a number of side effects. By its action, the drugs may have a wide range of applications, and can be based on the excretion of a certain type of parasites. Traditional medicine emphasizes the treatment of the infusions of herbs, but popular and of the receipt of the products, the region is known for its properties against pests. Performed cleaning and enemas. Prior to the application of traditional medicine is certainly worthwhile to verify the presence of allergies to these products.

Scheme of treatment of the body:

  1. Go to the doctor, turn in the analysis and define the types of malware organizations contained in the body.
  2. Choose the treatment according to the types of parasites and the characteristics of the body.
  3. Follow the schedule of taking medicines. Not worth to change the dose assigned to a doctor.
  4. If you decide to start treatment of folk remedies, it is worth discussing with your specialist, in order to avoid the complications and allergies.
  5. Avoid re-infection, follow the recommendations for prevention.

The side effects of drugs

Among the most common side effects — a variety of digestive disorders. The diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, upset stomach are the most frequent. When taking tablets it is necessary to remember that many of these drugs are toxic. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to self-medication without consulting your doctor.

Simply select ineffective dose of medication in order to greatly affect your body. If the case of a medicine is not enough, to kill parasites won't work. They would move usually to the habitats of the internal organs to others. These movements creates atypical, the conditions of existence of parasites and danger to the life of man.

The cleaning of the organism against the parasites at home

remedies against parasites

Given the toxicity and limited the action of drugs, for the treatment of the house a lot prefer folk remedies, proven for centuries. Of the great advantages of the security of the application. It is believed that some means be even more effective as the strongest drug of the pharmacy.

Enema with the garlic. You need to cook for a few heads of garlic in half a litre of milk. Allow to cool, filter. In a period of five days, washing twice a day.

The absinthe liqueur. 2 tablespoons tarragon, pour several cups of boiling water and let stand 3 hours. The taste of the grass, the unpleasant and bitter, it is thus preferable to add to the dye a small amount of sugar. Consume a tablespoon once a day 6 times.

The infusion of the arc. Slice thinly the onion. Pour the mixture into a cup of boiling water. Leave it on all night. Drain. The macérat use it in the morning before eating, after which it is better time to eat and drink.

Tincture of tansy. 2 tablespoons of herbs to fill the floor of liter of boiling water and let stand for 4 hours. The tincture can be consumed to the interior, as well as using it for the enema.

The measures of prevention of fight against the parasites in the body

  • The consumption of certain products: garlic, ginger, pumpkin seeds. This is the safest method of prevention, because the remedies do not contain any toxins, unlike drugs.
  • Hygiene procedure: wash hands thoroughly after the street and walks in the toilet, and after a tour of the premises filled to capacity.
  • Consume only boiled water.
  • Wash thoroughly the food.
  • Expose them to a heat-treatment of meat and fish products.
  • Watch for the conservation of meat and fish in the refrigerator.
  • Follow the own pets: wash them after a day of legs, we're going to regular use of medication, de-worming.
  • Swim only where it is allowed.
  • Avoid the domestic purchases of dairy products on the market.

The doctors talk about the need to take anti-parasitic medicines for the prevention. Someone who believes that a dramatic prevention of harmful organisms in the body of the man is, simply, the pill. Other experts warn about the negative consequences of taking drugs for prophylactic purposes because of their toxicity and the large number of side effects. A solution for you.